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Auction Is Action
The benefits of the auction process are numerous. Auctions provide a marketplace where sellers and buyers can meet. We partner with all licensed agents or brokers who refer a listing or register their client to earn co-broker commission.

Auction Advantages for Realtors
Why sell at auction:
  • Generates a list of ready, qualified buyers.
  • Increases revenue and market share.
  • Develops your own market niche.
  • Assurance that property will be sold at true market value.
  • Property is sold within a relatively short period of time.
  • Exposes the property to many potential purchasers.

Earn Co-broker & Referral Commission
We will partner with any licensed agent or broker who registers to represent a buyer prior to the first open house. The commission is paid at closing if the buyer closes per the terms of the contract. We also pay a referral fee at closing when a agent/broker member refers a listing for auction.
We invite all brokers and agents to participate in the success of Harris Wilcox, Inc. auctions. As a cooperating broker, you can enjoy the benefits of partnering with an industry leader and the opportunity to offer your clients the best value on the market.

How to refer or register for auction?
Referring a client for Auction - Call us today (585) 494-1880 and we will setup a time to see the property. Registering a client - Fill out the Broker Registration Form and e-mail or fax it back to us, prior to your client viewing the property.

An appointment will be made with your client
  • Walk through the house and/or building(s), etc. to determine sale contents, decide on the feasibility.
  • Determine a sale date.
  • Fill out an auction listing agreement.
  • Discuss sale commissions and fees which are determined on a per sale basis. We are competitive and will negotiate the best deal to suit your needs.
  • Decide where the appropriate advertising should be placed.

Note: Our goal is to serve your interests and ultimately to conduct a successful sale.
One of the best assets a company can have is a "satisfied customer".